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01 JULY 2016

End Result Productions is pleased to present PulseWidthMod's debut album; the Entelechy C33 is released as the first title of the Summer Campaign. The Summer Campaign is structured upon weekly releases and features a batch purchase option.

Full release page with stream and purchase links for Entelechy here. Batch purchase option here, full details below.

er-42_front    er-42_inner


Cassettes 7 USD :: Zines 8 USD
Full 12-release
campaign package 74 USD (15% discount of 87 USD gross worth)
Individual cassette purchases may be upgraded by email request to full campaign package no later than 29 July.

01.07.2016 : ER-42 - PulseWidthMod 'Entelechy' C33 Cassette
:: synthpop of kraut and industrial influence

08.07.2016 : ER-43 - Secret Societies C36 Cassette
:: harsh sythesizer noise, fusing rhythmic and arrhythmic textures

15.07.2016 : ER-44 - Retter C14 Cassette
:: unforgiving power electronics themed upon the execution of Giles Corey

22.07.2016 : ER-45 - Coarses '0x002' C44 Cassette
:: minimalist, experimental techno with a modular synthesizer system

29.07.2016 : ER-46 - Dentana 'Punx Is Techno' C67 Cassette
:: heavily sampled and re-sampled techno/ghettotech

05.08.2016 : ER-47 - Obligate Surrogate C62 Cassette
:: pure acidic techno from the magician behind Secret Societies

12.08.2016 : ER-48 - SPT 'Expedition III' C100 Cassette
:: third antarctic techno exploration of modular synthesis and tape manipulation 

19.08.2016 : ER-49 - G Basyuk Mixed 'Act of Tenderness' Zine
:: mixed photo/poetry exploring self-identity in interpersonal connections

26.08.2016 : ER-50 - Wolf Dem 'Existential Horror' C21 Cassette
:: space-age IDM-influencd techno

02.09.2016 : ER-51 - M Ramone 'Loss' Zine
:: photography zine questioning the balance of focus and blur

09.09.2016 : ER-52 - Postura 'Cadere' EP*
:: synthpop of italian elegance

16.09.2016 : ER-53 - R Kreutz 'Gaussian Blur' Zine*
:: photography zine questioning the convergence of subject and texture

*subject to change