End Result Productions is a record label of primarily cassette and zine products, largely focused on hosting events in the Philadelphia area.

Conceived 10 December 2012, the label began in Philadelphia's thriving hardcore punk scene throughout 2013 with operations based upon a DIY-minded work ethic. Finding a similar ethos in parts of the area's underground electronic music scenes, it quickly established itself as a label without exclusive genre focus by releasing several tapes of synthpop and noise artists in 2014.

Throughout 2015 and onward in 2016, End Result has given careful attention to offering a diverse catalogue of releases from artists who explore various styles of ambient, experimental, industrial, pop and techno-based electronic music. This catalogue is made without shying away from the founding styles of punk and post-punk, rather embracing them both in harmony through appreciating their commonality in underground operation and the essential spirit which accompanies this.

The concept of alchemy is held in high regard as it pertains to the work of the label; specific aim is made to pursue the final perfection of audio and visual materials. End Result Productions is overseen by The Order Of The End Result for this reason, an Ogdoadic-inspired body which ensures that the meaning of "end result" is embodied within each release of the label.

The Institute of Esoteric Polar Research (IOEPR) was founded December 2015 as an organization subsidiary to End Result Productions, offering a catalogue of End Result Productions releases which give specific study of Arctic and Antarctic topics.

In hosting events, the label currently has three themes of operation:
1) Dark Matter: the Dark Matter series aims to blur the boundaries between techno and ambient styles by exploring commonality in their darker aspects; to provide an environment which encourages their infusion and collective appreciation.

2) Celestial Ascension: the Celestial Ascension events are positioned as points in time along Earth's celestial equator, the first event taking place on the vernal equinox 2016. They serve as celebrations for quarterly End Result Productions releases.

3) Emerging Artists Series: the Emerging Artists Series is concerned with showcasing up-and-coming electronic musicians. It acts as a platform for people in the area who are new to performing, have recently moved to the Philadelphia area and seek to perform, or reside in other areas but are new to performing in Philadelphia.