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END RESULT 34: Light Sensitive - Sour Recreation
Release: 12/22/2015

Catalog: ER-34
Format: C36 Tape
Edition: 25

  • Clear-shelled chrome cassette, housed in a jewel case with clear backing.  
  • Comes with a tri-fold j-card insert printed on silver shimmer paper, as well as a digital download coupon.  

Tapes available here: goo.gl/d67XkU

Light Sensitive presents the "Sour Recreation" C36, a follow-up to last December's "Enemy Smile" C20 released on Personal Archives. As with Enemy Smile, damaged tape hiss sounds of black and doom metal are taken and repurposed to create a sort of electronic music that is staked on patience and meditation rather than immediate gratification.

Sour Recreation offers three selections of brooding ambient electronic compositions that evoke a persistent feeling of being chased through the hallways of a morgue. It is the score to a narrative of life, death, and addiction in the Lawncrest neighborhood of northeast Philadelphia, delicately balancing the dynamics of sound and silence in each piece.