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END RESULT 36: SPT - Expedition I
Release: 12/22/2015
Catalog: ER-36, IOEPR-01
Format: C16 Tape
Edition: N/A

  • Glittered and translucent blue-shelled chrome cassette, housed in a clear jewel case with blue backing.   
  • Comes with a tri-fold j-card insert printed on aqua-colored shimmer paper, as well as a digital download coupon   

Sold out, but available here for digital purchase: goo.gl/cKhI2Q

SPT is an acronym for Seenplatte Tunnel, loosely translated from German to mean “lakeland tunnel.” The name is in reference to naturally occurring tunnels of ice which form underneath the Schirmacher Oasis of Antarctica by way of glacial erosion. As such, the debut release “Expedition I” by SPT is designed to evoke cold, techno-driven sounds of two Antarctic landmarks; the Schirmacher Oasis and the Wohlthat Massif. The aim of the project is to explore, from a geological standpoint, whether regions of the Antarctic coast are capable of supporting permanent or semipermanent construction. “Expedition I” is the first release by the new sub-label of End Result Productions, the Institute of Esoteric Polar Research.

Synthesizers used include the Korg MS-20 mini, Roland System-1, and the Roland TB-3. Sequencers used include the Arturia Beatstep Pro and the Audio Damage Sequencer 1. Drum modules used include the TipTop BD909, SD808, TOMS909, HATS808, RS808, and CP909.

Each track was recorded in one take. The patterns used to make each track were saved to the internal memory of the Arturia BeatStep Pro, but the memory was subsequently lost in a computer backup.


'Expedition I   'Expedition I' C16