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END RESULT 40: SPT - Expedition II
Release: 03/23/2016
Catalog: ER-40, IOEPR-02
Format: C50 Tape
Edition: 1st on aqua-colored metallic paper, 2nd on gold

  • Clear-shelled chrome cassette housed in a clear jewel case  
  • Tri-fold j-card layout on translucent cardstock, with opaque inserts which provide release info and digital download code 

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SPT continues in clockwise exploration of the Antarctic with Expedition II, navigating two more landmarks on this C50 cassette tape. Each track was captured directly to tape during two separate SPT live transmissions; the integrity of each remaining intact through direct transfer to the cassettes available for purchase. No post-recording procedures of editing have been employed, such as to enable listeners to experience the audio as if they were present in the audience at the time of live transmission.

On the 28th of January 1820, the first Russian-Antarctic expedition discovered Antarctic mainland under admiral Mikhail Lazarev's command of the ship Mirny. Nearly 140 years later, the Soviet-Antarctic expedition of 1959 named a 90 km long ice shelf at 69°37'00.0"S 14°45'00.0"E in his honor. The A-side of Expedition II explores the Lazarev Ice Shelf with 25 minutes that rely heavily on constructions of delay and reverb in order to evoke the monolithic essence of this geography. Intricacy and redundancy are of equivalent importance on this side, as it parallels this same duality which embodies the ice shelf; from afar its appearance is repetitive, but up close its subtleties take definition. For this reason, "Lazarev Ice Shelf" will reward only those who wish to listen with astute concentration.

The B-side moves onward to the Riiser-Larsen Peninsula, in honor of Captain Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen's discovery of the landmass at 68°55'00.0"S 34°00'00.0"E on February 21st, 1931. Delay and reverb are also integral here, but low frequency modulations of white noise and field recordings form the essential backbone of "Riiser-Larsen Peninsula". They are structurally timed with deeply filtered kick drum, persistent melody of the MS-20 mini, and droning lines of the lead synth, in order to craft an overall atmosphere which is aligned with the ethereal beauty of the peninsula's landscape itself.


'Expedition II' Cover    'Expedition II' Spread